Bear Creek Trail

Bear Creek Trail

From the Ellijay town square follow GA Hwy 52 West 8 mi.
Turn R onto Gates Chapel Road 5 mi to FS 241
Take FS 241 up to the lower trailhead .
Alternately: Park on the side of Gates Chapel Road just past FS #241.
FS  241  1.2 mi.
Take L fork 2.0 mi. to
Lower Bear Creek trailhead. Continue straight along the creek going upstream on  Bear Creek trail (do not take the Bear Creek loop at this point).
Mile 2.5  Old logging road enters from left. Veer to the right and cross Little Bear Creek.
Mile 2.8  Cross Bear Creek.
Mile 2.9  Gennett Poplar tree on the left.
Mile 3.1  Turn right onto Bear Creek Loop.
Mile 3.3   Turn left onto gravel doubletrack.
Mile 3.9   Pinhoti trail exits to right continue straight on gravel doubletrack.
Mile 4.6   Gate across road, go around gate and continue straight on gravel doubletrack.
Mile 4.7    Primitive camping site.
Mile 5.7    Bear Creek Loop / Bear Creek Trail intersection

Turn L.  and descend back down via the Bear Creek Trail.

OR turn R   climbing another 1.5 mi.s to the Bear Creek Overlook

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