Trail Clinic – Oct. 31, 2015


The Ellijay Mountain Bike Association and the Benton MacKaye Trail Association is co-hosting a Trail Clinic. As part of the Aska US Forest Service and IMBA-SORBA Cost/Share Agreement, IMBA Trail Solutions will be teaching a Trail Maintenance Class on Oct 31, 2015 in Blue Ridge, GA. This is an all day event with classroom and on site trail work on Stanley Gap Trail.

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Terry Palmeri

Public Meeting for Power Lines across Ridgeway Trails, Carters Lake

HI All, We have a public meeting tomorrow, Thursday Sept 4th from 6p – 8p at the Civic Center on Old Hwy 5 (across from the high school) in regards to power lines that are going to cross the Ridgeway Trails, Carters Lake. The power lines are a done deal, however, there are two routes that can be taken. One route is more southern and crosses most of the trails and the other route is more northern and doesn’t disrupt our trails as much and is less environmentally damaging. I am asking that we show support in numbers tomorrow at this meeting to let the power co know that we support the more Northern route and that we want our trails to be repaired.

Thanks, Terry Palmeri

IMBA World Summit 2014

I went all the way to the IMBA summit and all I got was…
…impressed? Stoked? Inspired? Actually all of the above. Wait a minute. Let’s back up to the beginning.

Sweat. Lots of sweat. I had plenty of it packing my bike into my trusty 15 year old Iron Case. For those of you that have not traveled with your bike an Iron Case is a clam shell style hard plastic/nylon case with 3 layers of padding. It is neither light weight nor sleek, but it is bulletproof in terms of protecting your bike from disgruntled baggage handlers. These things will fit pretty much any bike outside of a tandem, but bigger mountain bikes (like we ride) require more creativity (and sweat) to pack.

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